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Phlsoc members are entitled to a 10% discount on weekend courses listed below
(not applicable to the unaccredited lecture series).

March 09-10: Practical Stoicism
Christopher Gill, Exeterand John Sellars, Royal Holloway (Tawney Room)
There has been a resurgence of interest in Stoicism in recent years, with people as varied as cognitive psychotherapists, Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, resilience trainers, practitioners of Buddhism, deep ecologists, and even the US military extolling its benefits. Each year thousands of people follow Stoic Week, an experiment aimed at testing its usefulness. But what is Stoicism? What are its central ethical claims? How did the Stoics conceive a good human life? During this weekend we shall examine both the philosophical foundations of Stoic ethics and techniques by which they might be put into practice.
April 06-07: The Status of the Mind-Body problem in 2019
Marianne Talbot (Tawney Room)
The Mind-Body problem is the problem of how our minds are related to our bodies (and in particular our brains). There was a time when it seemed obvious that our minds could exist without our brains (surely after the death of the body the mind lives on?). Then there was a time when it seemed obvious that mental states are states of the brain. It is today often assumed by the person in the street and indeed the neurologist in the university that the mind is the brain. But philosophers are not so sure. Indeed most philosophers these days would deny that the mind is the brain. But who are philosophers to pronounce on this? Come and find out.
May 18-19: Continental and Analytic Philosophy
Yvonne Sherratt, Bristol University and Mike Beaney Kings College (Sadler Room)
In the western world philosophy tends to divide into two 'schools' – the analytic school and the continental school. Although some people successfully straddle the two schools, most philosophers tend to work in either one or the other. During this weekend we will compare and contrast these two schools. We will look at the history and development of each school, and problems that each of them face.
October 07 - November 11, 14:00 - 15:30: TBA (unaccredited lecture series)
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October 19-20: TBA
(Lecture Theatre)
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November 23-24: TBA
(Lecture Theatre)
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January 11-12: TBA
(Lecture Theatre)
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February 15-16: TBA
(Tawney Room)
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March 07-08: TBA
(Tawney Room)
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April 04-05: TBA
(Tawney Room)
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May 16-17: TBA
(Sadler Room)
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