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OUDCE Philosophical Society

Members' Weekend Saturday 2nd & Sunday 3rd September 2017


Call for Speakers

Philsoc's annual Members’ Weekend will be held at Rewley House on Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd September 2017. This year’s topic is Health.

Health raises a number of interesting philosophical questions connected with function, explanation, causation, the nature of evidence, the mind/body relation, realism versus anti-realism, holism versus reductionism, rationalism versus empiricism, and theories of well-being in ethics. So, hopefully, something to interest everybody!

Members are invited to present talks (of about 25-30 minutes) suggesting answers or criticising answers from other philosophers. Speakers get admission and dinner free!

To get started, here are a few (of the many) questions to consider: What is/ causes health? Why does it matter? Is it merely the absence of biological disease? If the concept of health is broadened to include mental and social well-being (as in the World Health Organisation 1948 definition) is it rendered impractical for healthcare professionals? Does health have a spiritual dimension? Is illness culturally relative? Can a severely disabled person be healthy? What is the connection between health, happiness and wellness? Can computers replace the factual and reasoning dimensions of healthcare professionals?

A reading list is available on request.

Will those interested please email a (working) title and a very brief, preliminary indication of the content to Fauzia Rahman-Greasley at frphilosophy@icloud.com